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Email the bridge between LinkedIn & Facebook

Email the Bridge between LinkedIn & Facebook and the key to Maximin ROR      Often, I have heard people say that LinkedIn is B2B and Facebook is B2C.   On the surface, this may seem self-evident but I do not agree. If business is based on relationships, the relationship between you and your customer…
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How & Why to craft a great LinkedIn Headline

Why & how to create a great LinkedIn Profile Headline The job of a headline is to grab people’s attention, stimulate their interest in something enough so that person reading the headline is almost compelled to act so they can learn more. Some of the best-paid writers in the world are headline writers. Newspapers and…
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LinkedIn Strategy for those Too Shy to ask for Connections

Some people are too shy to make connection requests.  You would imagine this is a show stopper on LinkedIn but NO. I read this on a blog from Melonie Dodaro and it immediately rang true as the way I make some connection requests matches what is outlined. If for any reason you do not like to…
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3 Reasons why LinkedIn is the most boring social media platform on the Planet.

I have been using LinkedIn to promote my B2B services for a while now and I feel I can say for certain, without fear of contradiction that it is the most boring social media platform on the planet. Here are just a few of the reasons why I have never seen one picture of a…
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LinkedIn Marketing Solutions partner with LinkedSelling

[two_third_first] partner with LinkedSelling Over the years, there was one group of customers we were unable to help to the extent we would have liked.  For our B2C customers, there was  a range of services we could offer such as Facebook advertising or Google Adwords. These sometimes worked for our B2B clients but often…
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End the frustration Now

End the frustration Now. Is there anything more bloody frustrating in sales than not been able to get hold of the right people so you can let them know about what you have to offer. You know if you can get talking to the right people they will be interested. If you can just get…
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