LinkedIn Strategy for those Too Shy to ask for Connections

By John McGarry

Jun 22

Some people are too shy to make connection requests.  You would imagine this is a show stopper on LinkedIn but NO.

I read this on a blog from Melonie Dodaro and it immediately rang true as the way I make some connection requests matches what is outlined.

If for any reason you do not like to make connection requests but would still like to connect with people on LinkedIn then this the strategy for you.

What you do on a daily basis is view the profiles of your ideal customer. You should look at 10  – 20 a day.  You can do this any time of the day.

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What happens is that your ideal customers will notice you are looking at their profiles via the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature and a percentage of these people will check out your profile and then invite you to connect.  Job Done.

When I read this I immediately understood how this could work as I always check out how has viewed my profile. I then check out their profile and if I feel they are a good fit for me I make a connection request.

To make this work for you do make sure your profile speaks directly to your target audience. Shy or not a well written LinkedIn profile is essential to be successful on LinkedIn.


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