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Is Google promoting PPC at the Expense of SEO

2019 Update on this blog post.from 2014 Google Webmaster tools will also provide information on Keywords been used to find your site. As part of our SEO services we will link Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools so you can see all of this info in the one place. ==================================================================================== If SEO is an important…
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Google Display Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet

Google Display Network Ad image size cheat sheet. The GDN can be a great source of traffic if you use it correctly.  Lots of our Google Pay Per Click clients initially only use Google Search but when we test the Google Display Network they can be amazed by the results. Google updates the image sizes…
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No politicians using Paid ads on Google or Facebook

Its Thursday the 22nd and the European and County Council Elections are tomorrow and I have not seen one paid ad for a candidate on Google or Facebook. The telegraph poles of the country are covered in posters, Vote No. 1 for him and her but nothing on-line. Yes I have seen organic posting on…
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Google is willing to pay you €75 to do it right

In my email box this morning was an email from our friend and yours Google stuffed to over flowing with €75 vouchers that can be applied to existing Pay Per Click Adwords account.  This is a surprise as Google vouchers are  normally only for new accounts. To quality you need to just turn on conversion…
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4.6 Billion Euro , now that’s a big number

Been at a good few Google events recently. They are mad keen to push their Adwords system and why not, as a Pay Per Click Consultant I know the rewards it can bring to business. Google has supplied us with some interesting facts about our on-line spend In 2013 we spent 4.6 Billion on-line and…
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Attended Google Partners Event in Dublin

  Last Monday I was invited to Dublin to attend Google’s first Partners Program get together.  I was hoping to get some insights into how are going to roll out certain products this year. I was particularly interested in PLA ads for the Republic of Ireland Mobile marketing insights In relation to Product Listing Ads…
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Closing the Conversion Loop

Many of my clients sell nothing on-line, the function of their web site is to get people to call them. I am a great believer in tracking and measuring ROI on marketing spend. For E-commerce sites this is a breeze, the event takes place on the site and we cam track back to the AD…
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Better Conversion Tracking in Google Adwords.

If you are using Google Adwords in any serious way you need to be tracking conversions to know if your campaigns are successful. It would be crazy to spend money on advertising and not try and track activity to see if it was producing new sales , leads or customers. People take their time about…
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