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If Molly Malone was alive today and looking to do business she would not be wheeling her wheelbarrow through the streets of Dublin crying “cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh”.

O No, Molly a smart operator would have called Webworks and hired Dublin’s best SEO company to ensure that all that cockles and mussels business came to her thanks to her ranking No 1 for that search term on Instead of dying of a fever, she would have lived a long and happy life, had 23 kids, 256 grandkids, & been seen regularly cheering on Dublin from Hill 16.

Dublin SEO Services

In Ireland, Google dominates online search.  According to StatCounter Google has a 96.1% market share of online searches.  If you do not rank well on then you are simply not at the races. Your site is not getting the traffic it needs to generate leads and then sales for your business.

If you are serious about growing your business then you need to be on Page 1 on Google. Our SEO services will put you there and keep you there.

I strongly believe that ranking well on Google for the key search terms that relate to your business should be your priority before Facebook ads or Google PPC

We have the expertise and experience you need to help you dominate your niche whether your business is local or national.  So don’t die of a fever, call John from Webworks on 087 6778855 or fill in the Request A Callback form on this page and lets get you to the top of Google.

Our SEO service includes

  1. Web site audit
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Keyword research
  4. On-page analysis
  5. Off-page link building

Our services are completely done for your solution. The only thing we may ask you to do is write some content on your business. Nobody knows your business better.

During the whole process, we keep you the client fully up to date on progress.

Let’s be clear, search engine optimisation is not a short term answer to growing your sales. Effective SEO takes time. How long exactly it’s hard to say. You are basically fighting to be top of a list and others are fighting the same fight.

Many factors influence your ranking on Google. Fortunately, you will have Webworks on your side. We look to see movement in your ranking in 2-4 months and to really start hitting the top spots on Google in about 6 months.

The New Normal

How many times have you heard that phrase “the new normal”? It is been used to describe many things that have changed due to COVID 19. Some of these changes might be temporary but the dramatic move online by consumers is not temporary.

I have access to the analytics of many different web sites. For those who started out on their SEO journey many months or years ago, the shutdown caused their business to soar.  I have seen visitor numbers to sites initially grow by 300% – 400% and eventually settle down at what now looks like 200% permanent growth.  Happy days.

Of course, this only applies to those who already ranked well on Google Their investment paid off handsomely.

Your next steps to ranking on Google

On this page, you will see a “Request A Callback” form. Please fill that out as completely as you can. Once sent to me the following will happen

  1. I will schedule a video call with you to discuss your needs.
  2. If you have given me enough information in the form then this call will be a detailed call about how your site is operating currently and how we can improve on that.
  3. We will go into detail about how your potential clients are searching on Google for your services.
  4. This call is recorded for you so you can review it again and again if you wish.
  5. If requested we can then agree to meet in person to bring thing further.

I will then submit a proposal to you based on our conversation.

Alternatively, you can of course just pick up the phone and call me on 087 6778855.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to be able through our Dublin SEO services help you dominate your niche in Google Search Engine Results Page.


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