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Facebook Advertising  will get you more customers

facebook advertisingThere is very good chance your potential customers are on Facebook. possibly every day.  Facebook Advertising will enable you to reach out to these people,  engage  with them so that they become your new customers.

Facebook Advertising will work for you if your target audience is Local , National or International.

There is only so many ads Facebook can get into the newsfeed of its users, so as  more and more people look to advertise on Facebook costs are rising.

A properly run Facebook Advertising Campaign will cost you less because it will be targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.

Not only is this good for you but it is also good for Facebook.  The last thing Facebook wants is its members  newsfeed full of irrelevant , pushy and uninteresting ads for products or services. This will make the users experience of using Facebook a less than happy one.  Do this and your Facebook costs will be a multiple of a well run campaign.

Call me today on 087 6778855 to find out if Facebook is the right fit for you. We have run many successful local, national and international Facebook advertising campaigns.


Facebook Advertising can help you achieve many business goals.

  1. Facebook can help you stay in touch with your best prospect for new sales – your existing customers.
  2. Provide new ways to identify new audiences for your services.
  3. Build brand & product awareness.
  4. Position you or your company as the experts in your field.
  5. Get your web pages found in Google.

It’s Not just Social – it’s Business

Facebook is regarded by the general public as a Social Media platform, a place where people meet and share stories. Personally, you may or may not use it, do not let your personal use of Facebook, or the lack of it distract you from it’s potential to grow your business .

From a hard-nosed business perspective what matters is the fact that your customers are most likely to be on Facebook regularly. As the saying goes best to fish where there is lots of fish.

You may have heard that younger people ( teenagers ) are not using Facebook as much as they use to. True but the spending demographic, the 25 years plus are there and are not going anywhere.

The biggest growing demographic on Facebook is the 40 year plus audience. People with money.

Using Facebook’s Ad manager you can

  1.  Identify your target audience on Facebook
  2. Target them with highly relevant ads that lead to a meaningful & measurable result for your business.
  3. Check out our blog posts  on the Facebook Pixel and Look-a-like Audience

This is true for both Business to Consumer and Business to Business sectors

Still got questions ?

Will Facebook work in Your Business ?

The answer to this is a definite YES

facebook adsA good follow on question is how important or even critical will Facebook be to your business.

How companies use Facebook for marketing and how important it is to them will depend on what they do. In some cases, the other marketing options out there such as Google Adwords or search engine optimisation may be more important to you.

Contact Webworks to get a personalised report that is specific to your business and get an answer to your question will Facebook work for you and how important will it be to your business.

Why Pay for Facebook Ads?

Doesn’t my page likes see my posts for free ?

Let’s nail this right now.

So you have tons of Likes on your business page. Well done. You need to know that having somebody liking your business page does not in any way guarantee your posts will be shown to them.

On average your posts will be shown to a whopping 5%  – 10% of your visitors. That’s less than one in ten and in many cases it is much lower.

There is no free lunch on Facebook. Facebook has a valuation of just south of a Hundred Billion Euro. That’s a lot of shareholders who need to be kept happy. Facebook needs to make revenue and it will not make it showing stuff for free.

It will make it through paid Facebook advertising and that is where it is going. So if you are serious about getting your message out in front of your target audience paid ads, need to be part of your strategy. Organic posts will also be part of that mix but that is and will continue to be a reducing part of the mix.

Be clear when you want the maximum reach, the best delivery of your marketing message to your audience then the only sane route is Paid Facebook Ads in a combination of Content and  “Lookalike” audiences.

To transform ice cold traffic into leads and sales Contact us  here  and we will create a personalised report that is specific to your business and get an answer to your question.


facebook marketing

Facebook Sales Funnel

Most ads on Facebook are not what you expect. Rarely will you see ads that when clicked will lead directly to a sales page trying to sell you something. A two-step sales funnel. Merchants who try this fail. They forget that nobody goes to Facebook to buy anything. They are not in buying mode so do not try and sell directly. No, you want to use Facebook to warm a prospect for a sales pitch that more than likely will happen away from Facebook. Your sales funnel needs to be longer. It will have many steps in it to take the customer along a path to a sale that will probably happen off of Facebook.


Warm them with great information, competitions or compelling offers. Our Facebook Marketing Service will offer you a complete done for you service. We can and implement the right Facebook strategy for your business. One such strategy that uses this approach is the Paid Post Strategy. spacer-arrow

Paid Post Strategy Offering useful, valuable information to your audience is always a good approach to building your credibility with them. Facebook allows you to

1). Write a post detailing some solution or insight into a problem you know your audience is having.

2). Turn that post into a paid ad.

3). Use one or more of the many targeting options it offers to get your ad in front of the right people. Now your target will not see  a traditional “buy from me” ad that gets their guard up. They see and hopefully, read information from you that is useful to them. You could even integrate this strategy into your blog by putting a link from your Facebook post to a fuller explanation on your website.


And there’s more

The Power of Facebook Targeting Options.

Facebook ads


A lot of the power of Facebook Advertising comes from the customer targeting options it offers you.

A). It will Create Facebook Custom Audiences from your email and telephone list

If you have a customer email list Facebook will try and match those emails against the emails people used registering on Facebook. It will create a target audience from the matches. I did a video post on how to setup email custom audiences on Facebook, check it out. It is only 10 minutes long.

You can do the same with your customer telephone list.

B). It can create target audiences from the people who like your Facebook page.

You should build the likes to your Facebook page slowly and focus on quality, not quantity. One of the many reasons for this is Facebook will allow you to target those likes with ads

No point in doing that if you page is full of low-quality likes. You can easily get thousands of likes from places like Fiverr.com but they will mostly come from third world countries and be of no use to you.

C). It can create target audiences from people who visit your website.

If you get good quality traffic to your site, through direct, organic or paid search then Facebook allows you to have a second bite at them. Using Website Custom Audiences on Facebook you can re-target them with your ads when they are next on Facebook.

D). It will look at your target audiences of existing customers and go through its database looking to match people who are similar to your customers

These are called LookALike Audience. Basically, Facebook will look at the profile of any of the audiences already mentioned and go though it extensive database of users and look for others there who match your customer profile. This is a great way for you to get new audiences to target with your products and services.

It gives you the option of taking the top 1% to 5% of people in it;s database who match you existing lists.

If offers interest categories for you to use to create a list of Facebook users for you to target.

Facebook records everything you do while on its site. It uses this information to build up a profile of you and adds you to what it called Interest Categories. So if it finds you responding to soccer stories it will put you in a Sports category. You may also be looking at business pages or pages of people talking about parenting or travel. Whatever you do it so will categorise you accordingly.

When you run an ad you can select one of these categories to get your targeting options.

Some of these audiences can turn out to be very big so a combination of targeting audiences is needed to get you as focus a target list as possible.


Wondering what to do next

Why You Need a dedicated Facebook Advertising Manager.

As more and more people use Facebook costs for advertising on Facebook are rising. There is only so many ads that Facebook can show in the news feed of its members.

We do this free of charge because we know you can benefit from Facebook  Marketing and we can help get you more customers.

This will be the best advice we can give you and not a thinly veiled promotion

Webworks ran our first Facebook Ad in July 2011. We have the experience and expertise you need to get a profitable return on Facebook. Facebook marketing for small business using some of the strategies outlined here and help accelerate growth and profits. As you can see there are many ways to use Facebook to deliver on your business goals. Many have spent a fortune with no return on Facebook because they have treated it like Google. They did not understand how it works and the strategies you need to apply.


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