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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for business.  In survey after survey LinkedIn Marketing strategy has come out on top with sales professionals as the best strategy to find, engage & nurture high-quality b2b leads for your business.

No other platform allows you to identify key decision-makers in your business sector. Then it allows you to connect with them on-line so you can start building a relationship.  A successful LinkedIn marketing strategy ultimately ends up with you talking to those key decision-makers off-line.

What is Linkedin Marketing?


linkedin marketing

Relationships are key in business.  You know this. Your network is your strategic advantage.  This has always been the case and always will be.  Even with all the technological advances over the last 20 years people still like to do business with those they know, like and trust.

LinkedIn marketing is about building those relationships with key decision-makers.  Exactly the kind of people who can move the needle for your business.

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LinkedIn Marketing Services

Webworks offers the following LinkedIn Marketing services

Done for you LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

If you are looking to generate regular monthly high quality leads for your business but do not have the personnel, skills or time to run your own LinkedIn B2B marketing campaigns then this service is for you.

In consultation with you, we put together a LinkedIn marketing plan that is unique to your business. No two plans are the same as no two businesses are the same.

We take as much time as needed to understand your business so we can deliver the best

You then give us access to your LinkedIn profile and we do the rest.  Our objective is to generate a regular amount of monthly calls between you and your ideal prospects.

While we completely run the campaigns we consult with you at every stage. Features of our LinkedIn plan are as follows

  1. Campaigns last at least 4 months.
  2. You will need a LinkedIn Business account, we recommend the Sales Navigator account. It comes with a free 1-month trial.
  3. We have full access to your LinkedIn Profile so we can act as you on LinkedIn.
  4. Our strategy has content marketing at its center. We do not run any LinkedIn Ads.  You will not incur any costs for LinkedIn ads.
  5. You have a dedicated LinkedIn marketing manager working on your campaigns.  He or she will be able to answer any questions you have and will arrange regular meetings to keep you updated on all aspects of your LinkedIn marketing plans.

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On-Site LinkedIn training for business

For those who want to learn how to run your own LinkedIn marketing campaigns, Webworks offer in-house training to allow you to do just that.

Feature of our In-house LinkedIn marketing course are as follows

  1. Training takes place in your place of work.
  2. The training will outline the full B2B lead generation playbook. You will be taken through every step.
  3. Online videos are available to all who participate in the training. These videos are there as a reminder of the lessons thought.
  4. On-going mentoring / coaching is available as an optional extra to those who take part in the training.
  5. Bonus LinkedIn training modules will include how you can use the power of Facebook and Twitter to further leverage the work you have done on LinkedIn. These are pro strategies not to know my many and can give you a real edge in your business.

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