Email Marketing

Email Marketing
– the keys to the kingdom

Despite all the social media buzz , Facebook , Twittter , Google Adwords etc email is still the killer app on-line.

Everybody uses it and relies heavily on it. They guard their inbox and only the select few are allowed in.

Getting Permission to send an email to a potential client and then for them to actually open & read it is a powerful marketing asset for any business.

Build your email lists carefully , always seek permission to include people on your list , look after and manage it correctly and it will produce profits for you again and again.

Email Marketing will help you in the these two key on-line activities

  • Lead Generation, convert visitors (especially paid visitors) to leads on your site or Facebook page by offer them something in exchange for their email address.
  • After sales service, it is easier to sell again to an existing happy client than generate a new client so keep current clients in your sales funnel by email follow up.

List Segmentation
– everybody on your email lists is not the same.

    1. 1.) Every email you send to your list must feel personal & relavant to the person reading it
    1. 2.) It must address their interests directly
    1. 3.) It should be addresses to them peronally using their Name.
    1. 4.) It must make them feel like they are a valued customer.

Auto Responders
– Automate your lead generation and after sales service.

autoreponder2You are busy, doing followup on a lead that came to your site or following up on a sale you have done is key to success buy do you have the time ?

Can you manage this process manually when you have many leads coming in or sales going out ?

Can you be sure the same high quality message is been deliverd to your clients again and again. ?

Using email autoresponders you can automate this process.

Imagine a potiential client comes to your site and uses your contact box to request information on your products.

    1. 1.) Automatically a series of emails is scheduled to be delivered to this potential client over the next couple of days,
    1. 2.) Educating him or her on what you have to offer in a manner that you control by delivering information to them bit by bit

If they do make a purchase then automate the after sales and upsell process automate the sending of the

    1. 1.) Did the product get delivered OK email
    1. 2.) You bought product xyz from us a month ago hope all is going well with it email
    1. 3.) You bought xyz from us so you might be interested in product abc email
    1. 4.) Product xzy you bought from us six months ago may be in need of renewal click here to buy purchase it again email.

You could be sick, short staffed or on holidays but these processes will keep working for you day and night.

The same consistant high quality message been delivered to your clients again and again.

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