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3 Reasons why LinkedIn is the most boring social media platform on the Planet.

3 Reasons why LinkedIn is the most boring social media platform on the Planet.


I have been using LinkedIn to promote my B2B services for a while now and I feel I can say for certain, without fear of contradiction that it is the most boring social media platform on the planet. Here are just a few of the reasons why

  1. I have never seen one picture of a cute kiddie, not one, really how do they expect to engage and retain their audience without pictures of cute kiddies. I will keep looking but if I find none I will have to post pictures of my own little darlings.

  2. No smiley faces, no easy way to add emoticon images to posts etc. Come on, how else is always on, always connected, modern man expected to express his or her feelings. Am I suppose to actually say what I feel about somebody to their face LinkedIn Marketing Solutions? No way, if I can’t express it with emoticon  images  then I did not  feel it.

  3. No videos of people with a camera stuck to their helmet jumping off the edge of cliff or building with nothing more than a glorified umbrella the difference between a safe landing or ending up as jam jar filler. I need to see these videos to remind me how smart I am here in my nice warm office and how crazy they are. Save a life, use a drone.

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So thanks to years using LinkedIn my biological clock is running amock ( do men have biological clocks ? ) , I am an emotionally time bomb and I have this strange urge to climb the north face of Everest using shoes laces as ropes.

My only compensation is my business is doing rather nicely and I have to admit LinkedIn has helped massively in that regard. So if you can get past all of the shortcoming I have outlined here are some reasons why you might consider LinkedIn to help promote your B2B Business.

  1. Linked in an excellent platform to help you position yourself as an expert in your field. The content sharing features available to you on LinkedIn will allow you to deliver your great content to your connections and so establish expertise.

  2. Setting up your own LinkedIn group and inviting your connections to join is also an excellent way to establish your expertise in a particular field with your connections.

  3. Advanced Search Facility allows you to build you connections with highly targeted people. Where else can you build lists of people to target using one or more of the following criteria

    Job title – CEO , VP , Partner, Purchasing Manager etc

    Company size 1 – 10 , 20 – 100 , 100- 500 etc

    Company location Country, county , town

    Company sector Manufacturing, Marketing, Agriculture etc

  4. You can control your own personal brand, your LinkedIn profile offers you the chance to present you, your current and past work history in a way that suits your current needs. Your profile can have testimonials as well as articles you publish associated with it. When you make a new connection either online or offline they will very often take to Google to find out more about you. In name searches on Google LinkedIn profiles come high up in the Google search results page.

  5. LinkedIn is already delivering big time for B2B marketers. If you are going to launch a B2B product then LinkedIn is ranked as the number 1 social media platform to use. According to a report done by Regalix 81% of those B2B marketers questioned ranked LinkedIn as the top channel. The 2015 Social Midia Marketing Industry report shows that LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for B2B marketing for 41% of those asked.

So all joking aside if you need to generate leads for your B2B business then LinkedIn is the place for you. If you wish to know more about our LinkedIn Marketing services then call me John McGarry on 00 353 87 6778855.