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Over the years, there was one group of customers we were unable to help to the extent we would have liked.  For our B2C customers, there was  a range of services we could offer such as Facebook advertising or Google Adwords.

These sometimes worked for our B2B clients but often they did not. I went hunting for a solution that really delivered for our B2B customers and LinkedIn was a clear choice.

LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsThe real question having selected the platform was how to we utilize the power of LinkedIn to maximize the benefit for our customers. Benefits that could be measured, Leads & Sales.

Many people and companies offer LinkedIn Solutions. I looked and talked to lots of them. I was not looking to re-invent the wheel. Find out who has  a track record of success and copy them. After talking to the guys at I knew I had found the market leaders.

They have  a serious track record of

  • establishing clients expertise in a market
  • establishing high-quality connections for client
  • turning LinkedIn connections into warm  leads and then customers.

As luck would have it Linked Selling where looking for people to work with them as Linked Selling Certified Consultants.  I signed up and for the next 3 months went through an intensive training program.

I am now one of their first Certified Consultants, able to offer clients LinkedIn Marketing solutions that are battle hardened and proven in many  business sectors and countries.  Thanks to our certification we have the backup of a company that has been delivering LinkedIn Solutions for years.

Call Webworks today on 00 353 87 6778855 to find out how you can grow your business using LinkedIn.

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