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87% of UK dental websites not setup to harness power of Facebook

A Staggering 87% of UK dental practices are failing to harness the power of Facebook to help grow their practice Not running Facebook Ads is a mistake, not  having the Facebook Pixel installed is an even bigger mistake. In marketing your dental practice Facebook ads are where all the action is but you need to…
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How to check if the Facebook Pixel is installed correctly on your web site

How to check if Facebook Pixel is installed. Make sure you are using the Chrome browser Install the Facebook Pixel Extension on Chrome Once installed look for the new icon on top right of page. This icon will turn blue when a web page loads that has the Facebook pixel installed.  

Find your starving Crowd using Facebook

Find your starving crowd using Facebook Dan Kennedy (  a man that has made nearly as much money for people on-line  than we have spend bailing out banks !! ) will tell you that 80% of  the success of any sales and marketing campaign is determined by the people you are targeting. Get the target…
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Organic reach – going going gone…

Facebook Organic reach – going going gone… It’s time to pay the Facebook piper For many years while Facebook was building its business it allowed you and me to post things on our Facebook page and these posts where seen by most of our Facebook Fans. Best of all is allowed us to do this…
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Facebook traffic costing you too much ? Check Your Relevance Score

If you are paying too much for the ads you are running on Facebook it could be because Facebook has deemed your ads not relevant or at least  less relevant to the audience you are targeting compared to  other ads people are targeting at the same audience. Basically Facebook understands that you the merchant are…
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All Facebook clicks are equal but some are more equal than others !

When I talk to people about their Facebook marketing I find the following misunderstanding comes up a lot. People run ads to drive traffic to their web site. Facebook reports on the amount of clicks they got from that ad. People judge the success or failure of that ad on the amount of clicks it…
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Larger Facebook side bar ads have arrived

As of June 24th Facebook is starting to roll out larger side bar ads. If you are use the Facebook advertising platform then you need to know the following With the new side bar ads been nearly three times bigger there will only be room for 1 – 2 ads in the side bar. The…
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