Larger Facebook side bar ads have arrived

As of June 24th Facebook is starting to roll out larger side bar ads. If you are use the Facebook advertising platform then you need to know the following

  1. With the new side bar ads been nearly three times bigger there will only be room for 1 – 2 ads in the side bar.New Faceook sidebar adsold facebook sidebar ads
  2. The 20% text rule that you have for news feed ads will now apply.
  3. There will be more competition now so costs are going to rise for cpm , opcm and cpc based ads.
  4. Facebook testing has shown that these ads get much more engagement, no more running ads with a CTR of 0.05% …
  5. Hopefully combining points 3 & 4 the cost per action will be the same or not much more, only time will tell.
  6. If your current sidebar ads meet the specifications of the new ads then they will be automatically updated.

You will see a phases roll out of this as follows

  1. June 24th – Roll out begins , sidebar ads that are already running and meet the new images specifications will be upgraded automatically. Ads that do not meet the spec will stay in play as they currently operate
  2. August 1st – All new side bar ads will need to meet the 20% text rule.
  3. September 1st – All sidebar ads will need to meet the 20% text rule. All sidebar ads using the old image spec will stop been shown.

The new sidebar specifications are as follows

Page Post Photo, Link, Offer, Desktop App and Domain Ads:

  • Image Dimensions: 254×133 px
  • Consistent Aspect ratio: 1.91:1

Page Post Video Ad:

  • Image Dimensions: 254×143 px
  • Consistent Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Page Like or Event Ad:

  • Image Dimensions: 254×94 px
  • Consistent Aspect Ratio: 2.7:1

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