All Facebook clicks are equal but some are more equal than others !

When I talk to people about their Facebook marketing I find the following misunderstanding comes up a lot. People run ads to drive traffic to their web site. Facebook reports on the amount of clicks they got from that ad.

People judge the success or failure of that ad on the amount of clicks it got in the assumption that a click on an ad means a visitor to their web site.

This is not true.

Facebook registers a click on an ad for all kinds of activity that would not lead to a visit to your web site. A click will register if

  • somebody clicks to expand a comment from somebody
  • clicks like , share or comment.
  • somebody clicks to expand your description.
  • Reports your post as Spam !!
  • Clicks on an image.

If driving visitors to your web site is the objective then set that as an objective when creating the ad . This will enable you to see “web site clicks ” as a  reported metric in your reports. This number is a measure of just that and a much better metric to judge success or failure.

The image below from a campaign I have been running for a client demonstrates this perfectly. We want to drive traffic to his web site. You can see in figure 2 that this ad generated 10,077 clicks.  Great stuff but as said earlier to think we got 10,000 people to the site would have been a mistake .

If you look at figure 1 we actually got 5,885 visitors , nice but nearly half of the figure for clicks.

Facebook clicks report






To make good decisions you need the right data in front of you and you need to understand what they  actually mean. I hope this clarifies an issue I know causes confusion out there.


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