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Find your starving Crowd using Facebook

Find your starving crowd using Facebook Dan Kennedy (  a man that has made nearly as much money for people on-line  than we have spend bailing out banks !! ) will tell you that 80% of  the success of any sales and marketing campaign is determined by the people you are targeting. Get the target…
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Go Mobile or Disappear on April 21st

Alert If you get a lot of traffic from people on their mobile devices then this is very important for you. If Google decides that your site is not properly mobile enabled by April 21st 2015 then it will degrade your listing in Google search results  on mobile devices, including tablets. Google has been tweaking…
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Milk your Email List for all it’s worth using Facebook

Facebook allow you to create what it calls Custom Audiences to help you better target your ads.  Here we are going to focus on using email to create a custom audience but you should check out the Custom Audience page on my web site for a list and explanation of the many other options available…
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