Milk your Email List for all it’s worth using Facebook

By John McGarry

Mar 10

Facebook allow you to create what it calls Custom Audiences to help you better target your ads.  Here we are going to focus on using email to create a custom audience but you should check out the Custom Audience page on my web site for a list and explanation of the many other options available here.

Ok so you are successfully using email marketing to drive lead generation and sales.  Feeling happy with yourself.. Well you may be leaving lots of money on the table.

Broaden and enhance your on-line marketing strategy using Facebook Marketing.  This short ten minute video will show you how you can drive sales on Facebook using your email list and a new Facebook feature called Custom Audiences.


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John McGarry


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Generating quality leads for clients using Facebook , Google & LinnkedIn are John's keys skills. His commitment to staying bang up to date on these platforms and on how to utilize social media means you know any advice you get from John will be the best marketing advice available.