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Miss Doyle – Re-marketing Queen

Miss Doyle – Re-marketing Queen

Mrs Doyle - Re-marketing Queen

If you are spending any kind of money on-line or off-line to bring people to your site and you are not using re-marketing then you are leaving money on the table.

remarketing queenRe-marketing is not a complicated thing,  it is  based on a  simply idea. In sales ( and many other aspects of life)  it can be hard to get people to say YES, and it is even harder to get then to say Yes when you first ask.  Very frequently you need to ask again and again to get the answer you want or to put it another way A Go On Go On Go On

Bringing people to your site is the first ask and most say NO, re-marketing is how you ask again and again.  Basically when somebody visits your site from an advertising campaign you then run ads targeting only those web site visitors, normally you do it immediately in the days following their first visit.

You can do this on-line using Google Pay Per Click Marketing or through Facebook Custom Audiences. Depending on what platform you use for your re-marketing  these visitors will see your ads on web site they visit or on Facebook.

The ability to send target ads to people who have just visited your site can be just what is needed to push them into a buying decision in your favour.

Here are some statistics that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of re-marketing.

  1. When advertising to the same group of people re-marketing campaigns using ads show engagement rates  of 2.5 to 3 times higher than ad campaigns not using re-targeting.
  2. An increase of  149%  in your conversion rate for lead generation campaigns can be achieved using re-marketing among some business sectors, according to a recent study. Combining marketing and then re-marketing  were most effective for customer service industries, with a 128% increase in conversions, and financial services, with a 147% improvement.
  3. In a comScore study, re-marketing  proved to be the best method of driving prospects back to a website. Re-marketing  site visitors resulted in a 726% lift in site visitation within 4 weeks of first ad exposure.
  4. Re-marketing also has a massive impact in the increase of branded search: The same study found that re-marketing  resulted in a 1046% lift in branded search in a 4 week period following initial exposure
  5. When shopping on-line, 72% of e-commerce shoppers abandon their shopping carts before making a purchase. Without re-marketing, just 8% of customers return to purchase the product—but with re-marketing and other forms of re-marketing, that percentage trebles to 26%.

So it is clear from this that re-marketing will help you convert more of your site visitors into customers.  Again while been quite a simple and easy to understand concept you can put in place some quite sophisticated campaigns using this technique.

As I stated both Google and Facebook have plenty to offer here. If you go to my  page on Facebook web site custom audiences you will see how to implement this is using Facebook. On Google Customer segments is really powerful .

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Anyway I am off for a cup of tea and maybe a wee ham sandwich....


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