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Google Display Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet

Google Display Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet

Google Display Network Ad image size cheat sheet.

The GDN can be a great source of traffic if you use it correctly.  Lots of our Google Pay Per Click clients initially only use Google Search but when we test the Google Display Network they can be amazed by the results.

Google updates the image sizes possibly for Ads on the GDN  frequently so to help you keep up to date we decided to put it all on one easy to understand page.  We will keep it updated to ensure it is always accurate. If not please do feel free to let us



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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment, it is ppc so lots of factors effect the price. One thing to note that as most people do not use all of the sizes available when advertising the less popular sizes can be very reasonably priced.



  2. alena says:

    I had no idea that these were all the available options. It would be nice to see the pricing for them. I bet they aren’t cheap at all.

    Alena |

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