Increase sales from existing web site traffic using Facebook re-targeting

By John McGarry

May 27

Most people when looking to increase sales look for more traffic to their site.  They jump from Facebook to Google to LinkedIn and every other potential traffic source searching for more traffic.

This can be very expensive and not always profitable.

One strategy that is often overlook is Conversion Optimisation. This means getting more from the traffic you already have. If the conversion rage on your site for your required goals is 1% then getting it up to 2% will double your sales for the same input costs.  A real result.

There are many strategies you can use increase your conversion rate. Read this article on using Facebook to turn more of your web site visitors into customers  to find how why this strategy works and how to implement it.


About the Author

Generating quality leads for clients using Facebook , Google & LinnkedIn are John's keys skills. His commitment to staying bang up to date on these platforms and on how to utilize social media means you know any advice you get from John will be the best marketing advice available.