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Google is willing to pay you €75 to do it right

Google is willing to pay you €75 to do it right

In my email box this morning was an email from our friend and yours Google stuffed to over flowing with €75 vouchers that can be applied to existing Pay Per Click Adwords account.  This is a surprise as Google vouchers are  normally only for new accounts.

To quality you need to just turn on conversion tracking in your Google account and have one conversion in the next 30 days.

This is a no brainer and you should be doing it anyway. Tracking conversions allows you  to see what segment of the traffic you are buying with Adwords is actually an action you wish them to make.  An action you may wish some body to make can be

  • buy something from  your shop
  • register for a newsletter
  • watch a video
  • download a file
  • stay on the site site at least 3 minutes

If a visitor takes one of these actions then you have a conversion, if you are tracking that conversion then you can see which keyword generated that conversion. Over time you will be able to see all of the keywords generating conversions and just as important the ones that are not.

With this info you may decided to spend more on the keywords that generate conversions and maybe spend less on the ones that do not generate conversions.  This is really powerful stuff and critical to running a successful campaign.

Also it says something that Google feels it needs to pay us to set this up. I do have clients who use Adwords but have no real events built into their site that make be meaningful conversions if they happened. Also you can be sure if somebody is tracking conversions and are able to see that Adwords is working for them then they are not going to stop it and may even increase their spend.

If you want one of my vouchers then call me on 047 568786.

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