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Fix the bleeding neck and following the money

Fix the bleeding neck and following the money

Running a business today is like trying to juggle knives. Sharp ones at that. On top of actually running your business you have people telling you that you need to be using Google Pay Per Click Marketing , Facebook, Linkedin , Twitter & now Pinterest. What the hell is Pinterest !

My business is actually Google and Facebook and I don’t have enough hours in the day so how you manage it I do not know.

In my conversations with SME’s I often get asked which is the best Google or Facebook ? Why don’t I twitter ? or it is tweet.

My answer to these questions is to follow the money.

If somebody has an immediate problem they need solving ( the bleeding neck ) or product they need to buy they do not first go to Facebook or twitter. They go to Google and search for the answer.

Depending on how acute their needs are they can be doing this search credit card in hand. Ready to pay. They could be ready to immediately pick up the phone and call the person who has the best answer to their problem.

For you these people are money in the bank and they are on Google.

So my answer is follow the money and start with Google. Nail it first.

Do not get me wrong Facebook and all the rest have a lot to offer but start with Google. Don’t be distracted by Likes, Tweets unless they have a Euro sign attached.

If somebody is waxing on about Facebook and all the rest you need to ask them to show you the money in all of this. If they can’t stop talking to them. They do not understand you are in the money making game not the Likes Game, tweets or what other game it is they are playing.

That’s what I do and it works for me. If I can help just call me for a free 30 minute consultation. Every thing I advocate will have Euro signs all over it.

To your success

John McGarry

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