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Closing the Conversion Loop

Closing the Conversion Loop

Many of my clients sell nothing on-line, the function of their web site is to get people to call them. I am a great believer in tracking and measuring ROI on marketing spend. For E-commerce sites this is a breeze, the event takes place on the site and we cam track back to the AD or click that started that sale.

Not so easy if the event to track is a phone call. This happens off-line and away from the site. Some of my clients have phone numbers that only exist on the site so that’s how they track on-line success but this has its flaws.

Google have come up with a comprehensive solution. You can read about it on the Adwords blog . I will test this and come back to you. This is huge for lead generation sites looking to get people to call.

If reading is not your thing check out this video from our friends in Google explaining how all of this will work.

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