Browser trends

I wrote this post last 2013 thought I would update it but I think sitepoint do it better than me so for the latest browser trends 2016 check it out here.

In a nutshell

2016 Chrome IE Firefox Safari Opera
February 69.0 % 6.2 % 18.6 % 3.7 % 1.3 %
January 68.4 % 6.2 % 18.8 % 3.7 % 1.4 %

I don’t know about you but I use Chrome for my email and search, Firefox for my web development, and well ie is my last check before I go live with a website so you can tell I am constantly checking the trends.

Mobile is my new bug to bare and the reason why we need to look more at responsive design cause it takes up 17.8% of all browser usage which is not to be sniffed at.

Anyway just thought while you are all winding down for the day I would share some stats for that Friday morning meeting

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