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Strategy Session [OLD]

Key reasons for success.

  • We used Google and Facebook PPC ads to bring the right people to our landing page.
  • On the landing page we asked people to opt in for more information. We did not try to sell immediately to potential clients.
  • We used email to educated people who opted in on our product and how it compared to the competition.
  • As this is a mature market with some established players we knew what the competition had to offer , where they had advantages. We dealt with every point directly.  In one or two areas we actually acknowledged where the competition had an edge. This gave our other copy greater credibility.
  • We used video extensively , on the landing page, as part of every follow on email people got when they subscribed for more info and then as Facebook ads directly on the potential clients Facebook timeline.
  • We optimized every point in the process by split testing landing pages, email subject lines etc