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LinkedIn Marketing Solutions [OLD]

Do you want more leads, more business and more profits from the world’s largest business network?

LinkedIn marketingIf your business is a B2B business and you are looking for ways to generate a consistent flow of high-quality leads then LinkedIn is where you need to focus your marketing efforts.

You also need to choose a LinkedIn marketeer with proven processes and systems that will ensure your success using LinkedIn.  We here at Webworks looked to partner with the best in the area of LinkedIn marketing so we could deliver the best LinkedIn Solution. After much research we choose to partner with Josh Turner and his company  Linked Selling in the US.  They have been at the forefront of LinkedIn Marketing for years.  They now operate in many countries and the systems they developed have proven themselves again and again.

I am delighted to now be one of Link Sellings first Certified Consultants.

Using LinkedIn we can help you generate leads and increase sales by systematically building relationships for you with your ideal prospects. They may start out as cold targets but we convert them into warm leads.


Our LinkedIn Strategy has four key elements.

  1. Strategy
  2. Prospecting
  3. Messaging
  4. Talking Offline


Every business is different, we design a LinkedIn campaign specifically around your business and your ideal  customer. While we apply LinkedIn marketing principles that have been tested and proven to work in many business sectors, they are uniquely configured for each campaign.


Now that we understand exactly who we need to target for you, we use LinkedIn Advanced Search Facility to reach out and build a large database of LinkedIn prospects for you.  Then using those connections we look to establish your expertise via a long-term messaging & LinkedIn group campaign. By inviting your prospects into a LinkedIn Group owned by you but managed by us we firmly establish your status as an expert in your field. We are now building relationships between you and your LinkedIn connections and keeping your name consistently in front of these connections.


executives-graphConsistently through our messaging and communications with your groups members, we research & deliver relevant, interesting and topical marketing messages on your behalf.  No input from you required except you approve the messages we create. This is not Spam.  To make our system work we have to insist on only sending messages that add real value for prospects,  a message that can help them in their working lives. This focus on quality dramatically increasing the number of prospects in your funnel.

Talking Offline

This consistent delivery of quality communications between you and your prospects in LinkedIn results in a community of prospects that are more than happy to get on the phone with you to discuss their business.  Our messaging campaign culminates in a very specific request for just, a prescheduled time to get off LinkedIn and on the phone. Thanks to the work that is  already done establishing your expertise acceptance for this call is very high.  Month after month you will have fresh warm leads delighted to get on the phone with you. Conversions to sales are extremely high, and so is your Return On Investment.

Call Webworks today on 00 353 87 6778855 to see if how we can help you generate leads and sales from LinkedIn.

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