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Fastbraces Dental Blues, if you think you have a good story tell it.

Fastbraces Dental Blues, if you think you have a good story tell it.

Attention Fastbraces Dentists – You need a new Job and fast..

 Let me first explain why you need a new job before revealing the perfect job for you. ( if you sell Invisalign sit back and enjoy the ride )

You are a smart dentist, you know a good thing when you see it and Fastbraces is a good thing. You can see that for your clients it  is potentially  much faster, cheaper &  easier to maintain  solution  than other solutions out there.
While offering these advantages to your clients it also helps your practice. Less chair time means a more productive practice for you.  The age demographic you can attract with this service is young and so you will  have many more opportunities to sell other services to your Fastbraces clients.

In sales and marketing terms, improved life time value. All of this will feed positively & directly into your bottom line. Based on this you have invested considerably in both time and money in the training needed to offer this service.

You Are Ready to Go?

So why are people not beating down your door looking for more info on this great  service ? why are free Fastbraces consultations not flying out the door ?
I am afraid the answer makes sad reading for you.

Nobody or very few people out there know about Fastbraces!

The following figures will make you wince so I hope you are sitting down. I have been looking into search patterns on Google on how people are searching  for braces related services and some figures jumped out at me.
I dug out the figures on for average monthly searches for the following keywords, this information is valid as of January 2016 so is bang up to date.  I have listed below the  top 5 for both Invisalign and Fastbraces.
As you can see many many more people are looking for Invisalign as a product by name compared to Fastbraces.

You see below nearly the whole list for Fastbraces but for Invisalign the list goes on and on.


keywordMonthly Searches
Invisalign Braces1,300
Invisalign Cost29,100
Invisalign Cost UK1,900
Invisalign Reviews1,300


keywordMonthly Searches
Fastbraces Braces90
Fastbraces Cost70
Fastbraces Cost UK30
Fastbraces Reviews30

It’s no better on Facebook

On Facebook you can target ads at people based on certain interests, Invisalign is an interest you can use and according to Facebook in the UK there are 32,000 people interested in Invisalign. Fastbraces does not even register as an interest. 

(if you want more specific information on your local area drop me an email at and I will get it to you )

The figures clearly show that people out there , the buying public have heard about Invisalign and want to know more. Fastbraces  is running a very distant second.  Its hardly at the races at all when it comes to the public’s awareness of the different orthodontic solutions available.

A huge chuck of the people who are looking for more information on Invisalign would benefit from knowing about Fastbraces but many will never hear about it.

As a Fastbraces dentist can you not feel all those possible sales slipping through your fingers?
People can’t seek out  something they have never heard of , people will not buy a product or services unless they have been educated about it.
So you job ( if you are willing to accept it ) is to educate people in your target area about Fastbraces.
Before you are a dentist you must become a teacher. 

Invisalign know this, they have invested time and money in telling their story and the results are there to be seen.

Now you can relax because from here on in its all good news.  Why ?

First things first, you have a great story to tell. The people out there who hate their smile, who keep their mouth shut when in photos or put their hands over their mouth to cover their smile are crying out to hear what you have to say. In some cases literally.  In my work with other dentists, I have been amazed by the emotion that is tied up in this.

You can talk to them about

  • getting their teeth sorted in months not years,
  • only having to wear a retainer for 15 minutes a day instead of 8 hours.
  • You can talk about the better value you offer
  • less chance of teeth been taken out
  • the lifetime guarantee you offer.

People want to hear this.

And it gets even better, Thanks to on-line channels like Facebook , Google & Instagram and media such as email and video you can get this message to your audience quickly and affordable and in a manner that is easy to consume.

Once you have educated people on the advantages of Fastbraces many will want to buy, give them the information they need to make the right decision and many times that decision will be Fastbraces.

So what are you waiting for, become a teacher and then a much busier dentist.