Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Facebook marketing for small businesses

Facebook  advertising offers small businesses many excellent options to help them get more leads, sales and customers. All marketing success is founded on targeting the right people.  You will fail if you are targeting the wrong people.

Facebooks targeting options will ensure your Facebook advertising campaigns have every chance of success. There are many options to choose from and the list is growing.

Some of the options available to small business are as follows

  1. Target by location – an excellent option if you are a local business looking to serve a particular area.
  2. Custom Audience of your customer email list. You can upload your email list to Facebook and Facebook will look to match those email addresses against the email addresses of its members. You can then target ads to any list it comes up with. Check out my blog post on email custom audiences for more info.
  3. You may have a small email list of customers. Any matching list Facebook provides for you will also be small. You can ask Facebook to create a Lookalike audience based on the list it has created for you. Facebook will then create a list of the top 1% – 5% of people it has that closely match the profile of people already on your list. Remember they are your customers – BUYERS. Facebook is creating for you a list of people who have the same or very similar profile to your buyers  These lists are usually large and so offer small businesses a way to find more potential customers fast.
  4. If you are driving traffic to your website you know most do not take the actions you want them to do. Most read and go on their way. They may not be ready yet to buy for many reasons. You can re-market to those people when they next visit Facebook. This is a good audience to target with ads as you can assume most are interested in what you are offering or they would not have ended up on your site in the first place. You can be quite sophisticated on how your do this.
  5. Target people who have liked the Facebook page of a competitor. Again these people are worth targeting as you know their interests match the service or products you are offering.

Having decided how you are going to target people you can now target them while using any device to access Facebook. Mobile desktop or tablet Facebook offers you options that make the most of these devices.

If you are a small business wondering how you can grow your leads, sales & customers on Facebook then do not delay. Call John our expert Facebook ads manage today. The first consultation is free and before it is over you will know exactly what Facebook can and can’t do for your business.



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