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We can Increase Your Sales with Google Adwords

If you are looking to use Google to

blue-tick  Bring the best online traffic to your site.

blue-tick Get that traffic at the cheapest price possible.

blue-tick Always keep one step ahead of the competition.

You have come to the right place.

logo_qualified_ind_2Webworks have been managing successful Google Pay Per Click Campaigns for nearly 7 years. No matter what the budget or market if your customers are out there we will find them and bring them to you.

We offer more than Google Pay Per Click expertise, We know for you the important statistics are not the number of clicks you get but how many new paying customers your campaign generated.
If you wish we will advise you on the changes you should test on your site to ensure you turn clicks into customers.

We do this free of charge because we know you can benefit from Google and Facebook Marketing and we can help get you more customers.

This will be the best advice we can give you and not a thinly veiled promotion.

Why hire an Adwords Account Manager?

If you use Google Adwords to promote your business, you already know that it is deceptively simple to set up an account, enter your credit card, add keywords and ads, and start getting traffic to your website. In other words, it’s easy to spend money on Google Adwords. You also know it can take up hours of your time pouring over reports and traffic statistics. A time that could be better spent.
For most businesses, the hard part is keeping up with Google Adwords changes
Adwords is constantly evolving. Not keeping up with all of the changes will cost you dearly.
Webworks put in the time and resources into keeping up to speed with all developments with Adwords so you can benefit from these changes. Let Webworks in partnership with you manage your Adwords account so you can focus on running your business.

Claim Your 30-Minute Consultation with John Mc Garry Now!

Webworks offer a 30-minute consultation to discuss how our advanced Facebook and Google Adwords strategy can help you

Call: 087 6778855 / 01 254 2721 to arrange this consultation

Webworks have years of experience managing Adwords Campaigns for our clients based in Dublin and Ireland

If you are new to Adwords or looking for someone to provide Google PPC  management services in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland  for  an existing campaign Webworks can help you ensure your campaign is profitable in the following ways


Alignment with your Business Goals. Every business is different, you as a business owner set your goals for the months and years ahead. We listen and if Adwords can’t deliver for you we will tell you. If it can we will construct your campaign with your business goals as the guiding light.

Understanding Your Customers – it is only by understanding Your target audience, what they like or hate, where they hang out online, and their understanding of your product or service offering that can we put together a successful marketing campaign. With your help, we will take the time to Get under the skin of your market so we really understand what makes them tick. Once the groundwork is done we will ensure your Pay Per Click Campaign delivers on the following;

blue-tick Campaign Structure – Solid foundations and always critical. There are so many options available when initially setting up your Google Pay Per Click campaign. A lot of them if left at the default option seem to benefit Google more than you. We check everything and accept no default options unless it is in your interests.

blue-tick Better keywords. Choosing the best keywords for your Adwords campaign may look simple at first, but it’s not! You’ve got to find the keywords with the perfect combination of high search volume, low competition, commercial intent, and relevance. Better keywords mean more targeted traffic and lower click costs!

blue-tick  Lower click costs. Through better management and optimization of your Quality Score, our Adwords specialist can make your ads rank higher while costing you less per click! Lower click costs mean lower cost per conversion, which translates to more profits!

blue-tick  Higher Click Through Rates. If nobody clicks on your Google Ads then it’s all a waste of time, we continually look to improve the click-through rate of your Ad by running multiple Ads for each keyword and then weeding out the worst performing Ads

blue-tick  Google Display Network – Normally a massively underutilized part of what Google has to offer, especially if your customers are not aware of what it is you have to offer. or if you need to educate a little

blue-tick  Bringing Relevant, Cost-Effective Traffic to your site is only the start of the selling process. can then assist you in the following ways to ensure traffic turns into customers

blue-tick   More conversions. By working hard to maximize your conversion rates we ensure your Adwords experience is a profitable one.

blue-tick  Smarter decisions. Our Google Adwords consultants can help set up, collect, and interpret your campaign-related data so you can make smart, profitable decisions. The difference between a good campaign and a great campaign is usually how well you use analytics and data.

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