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Brexit LinkedIn Masterclass

Generate High Quality Leads

LinkedIn Lead Generation Masterclass

Thursday January 31st 2017 @ 02:00PM
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Establish Expertise + Booked Telephone Meeting  = High Quality Lead

John Mc Garry

“Discover how  using LinkedIn you can generate a consistent flow of high quality leads for your business”

John McGarry reveals to you the exact system, used by hundred’s of businesses, coaches & consultants to grow their businesses.

What You Will Learn in our Webinar

Your Ideal Customer – how to build an avatar or profile of your ideal prospect on LinkedIn.
Targeting – how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search to ensure you only connect with prospects who match your ideal customer avatar.
Your LinkedIn Profile – how to ensure your  profile maximises your success rate getting connections
Your Reach – how to use Groups to ensure you reach as many of your ideal prospects as possible
Content Marketing  – how to use high quality freely available content on the internet to establish you as an expert in the mind of your prospects.
Assume the Position  – Advanced tactic on using LinkedIn Groups to establish your position as an expert with your prospects.
Direct Messaging – how to use LinkedIn direct messaging system to further establish your expertise and deepen your relationship with your prospect.
The Jugular – how to get your prospects off LinkedIn and on the phone with you.

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