Why you should create an Instagram guide

Instagram Guide 101

Instagram guides are a relatively new feature that we have found is very underused We believe this is because people don’t know how to create them or are unsure of their purpose. If this is you don’t worry as this post is here to help.

These guides give users another opportunity to share and read helpful recommendations and tips in a new format that’s easy to take in.

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What are Instagram Guides?

They are a new way for Instagram users to categorise posts and products in the form of a guide. Viewers can easily scroll through a guide and read the creators commentary as they do so. This means it is great for step by step how-to guides, tips and recommendations. Guides can be made up of your own or other peoples posts and products or even a mixture of both.


Did you know:

Guides were first created as a platform for health and wellness advocates to provide advice for those struggling with the COVID-19 Lockdowns.

Why you should use guides

  1. When sharing others posts and products in your guide it automatically credits the creator so there is no need to worry about plagiarism or being accused of stealing content.
  2. When you geotag your posts they can then be included in other guides with a link back to your post which means your posts are reaching a new audience.
  3. Guides are another method to share content on your page
  4. They are great for how-to posts and recommendations 



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How to create an Instagram guide

  1. Click on the plus icon in the top right corner of your profile
    page, then choose “Guide”.
  2. Here you will have a choice of three formats.
  3. Share your guides to your stories to let your followers know what you have created. You can do this simply by clicking the share icon just like when sharing a regular post.

Webworks tips


If this is your first time creating a guide the option may not come up when you click on the plus icon but don’t worry there is a way around this. Simply find an account that has a guide, scroll to the very bottom and there will be an option to create your own. P.s. we have a guide on our profile. 

Creating an Instagram Guide

Guide Type

Instagram Guide type

  • Posts: Recommended places in your area or around the world. These can be used to tell stories, share inspirations, advice or guidance.
  • Products: Recommend your products or others. Only products available in the Instagram shop can be shared in a guide unless you create a guide with posts.
  • Places: Recommend posts or ICTVs you have come across or created. This is perfect for sharing recommended locations such as shops, restaurants and cafes. Your posts can only be found in this section if you have geotagged your location in your posts.

Webworks Tips


Update your guide every now and then as viewers can see when it was last updated. Of course, will be looking for the most reason guide to view.


If you would like more tips on Instagram marketing check out our Instagram page or get in touch about our Instagram marketing packages.

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