Why content is king in your online marketing strategy

I was just explaining the other day about on page seo to a client and realised that I panned off alot of information to the fact that google changes their algorithm that often and is so complicated that its hard to keep up with it all so I decided to create a diagram that explains what they have been up to over the last 2 years and another to asign significants to it all.

Its important to note that the outcome of Google’s massive algorithm changes over the past two years is that it takes really great, fresh, optimized content produced on a regular schedule to convince Google that the source is relevant and authoritative and should therefore be returned as a search result.

This takes a lot of commitment, work and a strong focus on content marketing anyways heres the diagrams.


Panda update over a year ago google got rid of spany back-links building techniques which made some websites disappear over night because they had to many spany back-links pointing to them.

Social Signals December 2010 google announced they now factor social search signals into their organic search algorithms infact it represents 5 – 10% of the overall search algorithms so you really need to be creating social signals on a regular basis to create relevence.

Google Plus another social network Social networking and social media are about relationships and relationships prove relevence

About a year ago google launched the freshness update where they indicate they are going to give ranking to fresh relevent content in the formate of press releases blog post and articles.

“Search plus your world” where your searches come up with in your circles so if somebody searches on a keyword phrase that matches content that you have and they are in your circles it maybe ranked higher .

Penguine update to illiminate over seoing your website keyword stuffing and spany backlinks

So all of these recent changes all point to the fact that google wants optimised content, producing fresh content for the keyword phrases that are driving organic search traffic is the way to go.


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