What’s hot with Google to get your site well ranked.

By John McGarry

Dec 24

If you are wondering why your site is not been found in Google then follow this link. It gives a nice overview of what our friend Google thinks is important when deciding what sites to list high in their search results. http://www.searchmetrics.com/knowledge-base/ranking-factors/

Read it , if like myself you are not that knowledgeable about SEO do not worry, this is presented in an easy to understand and digest manner.

If you read this article you will see this rather nice graphic


us-ranking-factors-2013 I find a couple of things interesting here

First of all see Google Plus is in number one position.I suppose it makes sense for Google to weight it so heavily , it owns it for God sake.

Next it is really interesting to see Facebook is also high on the list and in many places.  It’s hard to believe that only a year or so ago I was telling my clients to worry their heads about Facebook or at least to cover other areas such as Google Adwords first before spending time and money on Facebook. Since it went Public and has had to account to shareholders it has completely changed as a marketing platform. It really rocks now and is producing some great results for my clients.

The demise of links  to your site is greatly exaggerated ,as you can see it is still up there and will remain so for a while.

So  a little rant if I may, meta tags are no where on the list , probably have not been for years but Irish Enterprise boards and others running short courses on on-line marketing still insist on teaching that to their students.  I still meet people who think adding a few meta tags on their site will get them a high ranking on Google. Not Going to Happen. When I talk to them and tell this I swear they think I am lying.  Me tell a lie….


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