What to do with customers on Facebook

You have 100’s or if you are lucky 1000’s of fans on your fan page, right all is great, but what does this all mean. Did you know that less than 1% of your fans will like, comment or share something that you’ve posted on your fan page. “Likes” and “fans” will not increase your sales well not as much as you would hope.

First off you need to find people with a need or interest in your product or service. You will then need a “hook” to get them on your e-mail list, which in turn will lead them to like your fan page. Then you need to nuture that lead, funny enough, you need to be passionate or at least have an interest and knowledge about your industry.

The key is to attract qualified “likes” and “Fans”.

So whats the hook having signed up for too many courses I have learned that people like:
– something that is NEW
– that is secret
– that looks professional and interesting
– they also like to be teased
– and they like to be the first to know when “the thing” will be officially released.

Once you have got their email address, then the old fashion direct sales and email marketing kicks in more about that in another post I hope to create later.

Webworks can help you generate a facebook tab and hook page that will lead your customers into your 2013 marketing and sales stratgey.

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