Webworks goes Solar

Webworks Goes Solar

Solar Powered WebworksLike all businesses these days we are looking closely at how we as a company use power. We are looking to be both environmentally friendly and also looking to keep our costs down as much as possible.

We design and host websites and also supply email facilities to our clients. For this we use the services of a UK company called Krystal. One of many reasons we use them is all of their datacentres are powered by Green Energy.

Earlier this year we decided to power both our home and offices ( we now work completely from our home) using solar panels.  With this in mind we asked several companies to come and advise and quote on what could be done.

We settled on a company called Solar Share based in Dublin. Richard O’Rourke their CEO was excellent in taking us through all of our options. He answered all of the questions I asked and some I did not know to ask.  He did not oversell what we where getting, just supplied accurate information.

We ended up getting 16 solar panels installed on our roof. This can generate up to about 5.5  KW H. We also got a battery for energy storage. There is quite a bit to the installation .We had two teams at our home over 2 days putting up the panels and then installing the supporting infrastructure in our attic.

The system we have installed is quite smart, the battery can be powered not just from the panels but also from the mains or other sources. We are looking at installing more batteries with enough capacity to power our house and office for 24 hours. The batteries will be charged with a combination of solar power and cheap night time electricity.

We did all of this before all or the recent turbulence in the energy market leading to the huge jump in prices. This certainly has confirmed the validity of our decision. We have saved on cost, given our self an independent supply and are helping the planet.

Like many people now we work from home, this certainly has helped us take full advantage of the solar power system we have installed.

I do appreciate that for many it is not possible to install solar panels and so they will need to use their gas boilers. Getting a gas boiler service in Dublin can be difficult but i recommend on of our clients Leinster Gas.

I have to say the grant application process with SEAI was a breeze and they where excellent to deal with.  I would recommend this move to others.

We will keep an eye on this and report savings made, next we are going to look at the carbon footprint of the other things we do as a company. As SEO and Facebook Ad Management specialists we spend a lot of time online. People have calculated the carbon foot print of online clicks as it pertains to the amount of processing power in a datacentre each click uses. We will look to offset that.

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