Turning Customers into Repeat customers using Facebook

We are all looking for new customers and the costs associated with this are rising.  There is more competition on-line for the attention of your new potential customers.  The low hanging fruit is well and truly gone.

This makes it even more important for your to make the most out of what you already have, your existing customers.

They can be a source of new business for you but at a fraction of the marketing costs associated with getting new customers.

Most people assume if they deliver a good service to a customer then that customer will use them again and again for the product if needed again or other related products.  That is a mistake.  Assume nothing and put in places strategies that will ensure you have that best chance of getting any new business from your existing customers.

For one client of mine the addition of a simple  auto responder email sequence to his site generated a 400% increase in sales to existing customers.

Read my article on turning customers into repeat customers using Facebook to see why and how it is done.

You can use Facebook Advertising to help you get more business from your existing customers.



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