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Is Google promoting PPC at the Expense of SEO

Is Google promoting PPC at the Expense of SEO

If SEO is an important part of your on-line strategy then you need to be aware of some changes that Google has made recently.

One of the key inputs into any SEO strategy is to check Google Analytic reports to see what keywords used in organic searches produced sales or conversions for you.

For years Google provided this information for free. Once you spot a good converting keywords your SEO team would then do all they can to ensure you got found for it as much as possible.

Google will now not be providing that information, expect to see much more of the following lines in your Google Analytics reports

Google Analytics Keyword not provided






Where it says Not Provided for nearly 50% of the traffic used to be full of great info about the keywords that brought you that traffic.  This is important , SEO is not cheap and you want to be sure you are chasing the right terms.  It is now harder to work this out.

Why is Google doing this ?

I will not bore you with the reasons it gives, privacy protection is at the core of it….

Google makes no money from organic clicks on it’s search page but it does from paid search clicks.  Guess what Google reports on all keyword activity here.   This really makes it essential to run a paid campaign to get the information you need to put together a SEO plan.

While this works it is not perfect , it  should be noted that paid search traffic and organic traffic can act differently.

Another reason why Google appears to be targeting SEO is the new extensions you see on the Top Paid Ads you see on the Google search page.  Check out the following image

Google Pay Per Click Extensions





You can see the top ad has 4 new lines under the main ad , each are  text links to help re-enforce what the ad is about. They are amazingly effective in increasing the clicks on the top ad.

Am I been paranoid in thinking they also achieve another goal for Google.  By increasing the overall size of the ad they push the organic results down the page, possibly below the fold….



3 Responses

  1. Google makes allot of money with their paid advertising. The question if you are not running Adwords then how does your business get seen?

    Personally I very seldom click on the ads when I search for something because I know that the ads are usually low quality websites.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you about Google needing to do more with mobile. Facebook appears to have stolen a march on it. Part of its response came last week as Google flagged that over the next few months it search would bring Apps into its search results, it will even let you know you have an app on your phone that can do what you need based on the search you did !! Bit scary that. This will clearly be used to promote Google Play which is not making anything like the money Apples Apps are making. I suppose it is a case of what this space and try to make the best out of what Google offers us.


  3. Haiming says:

    In my opinion, the more suitable question at this moment is – is Google making enough money from the usage of the mobile device users? You know Google is facing more and more pressure to earn money from the usage of the mobile device users when the user experience of mobile users is not very comfortable.

    Besides, the “(not provided)” phrase in Google Analytics is quite frustrating. I think it is lame. I was so frustrated when I first saw it that I thought of switching to another analytics program. But you know there is no better alternative in the market.

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