iOS 14 Uncovered

iOS 14 Uncovered

Are you worried about how the new iOS 14 update is going to affect the performance of your Facebook ads? Well, it’s time to stop worrying as we are here to tell you all you need to know.

When Apple first made the announcement about their latest privacy policies in their iOS 14 update we like many other Facebook marketers panicked but after researching it more and Apple sharing more information with us we have stopped panicking. So now it is time for you to stop panicking too and here’s why.

What is the new iOS 14 update:

  • In simple terms, this update will give all iOS users the option to opt-out of tracking when they download an app. This does limit the information marketers will have access to but it won’t leave us totally in the dark.
  • If they opt out this limits tracking but doesn’t eliminate it completely. For example, we will still be able to track conversions. This is very useful as this is the action most of us are interested in tracking anyway.
  • Experts such as Ben Heath say this update will only have about a 5-10% impact on marketers.  Which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a lot.
  • If you think about it how many times have popups appeared on your screen and you have quickly clicked accept all just to get rid of it. Well if you are anything like me that has happened a lot so most likely people will continue this habit when it comes to Apple’s privacy policy.

Facebook Statistics



According to Statista, Apple only shares 13% of the global market. So this means this update will only apply to 13% of the world’s population.





It is easy for us to read about Apple’s new Private Click Network (PCN) but in reality, they are putting their users’ interests first by putting features in place to protect their privacy. So if you are an Apple user remember they are putting your privacy first.


Steps you as a marketer should take:

  1. Domain Verification – In business manager verify that you are the sole owner of your domain.
  2. Create a new ad account for app installs – You will need to create a new ad account for iOS 14 specific app install campaigns and in-app event optimisation.
  3. You will need to prioritise events in your business manager.

Facebook ad tips


One of the key things we need to take away from this update is that use as brands will need to increase value exchange to ensure data sharing opt-ins. This means it is time for us to get creative.


Lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences will continue to be the best cold audience tool for Facebook advertisers. 

Website tracking is going to get smaller as people opt-out to be tracked by the update. You can currently track 80-90% but this will reduce by roughly 10%. It’s important to remember the update only affects apple users, people that opt-out and even if they opt-out we aren’t going to be completely blocked from seeing what they do as we can still see if there is a transaction placed. 

The bigger the source audience leads to a more accurate lookalike audience created by Facebook. If you are uploading audiences from the customer list or email list these will basically not change so you can stop worrying. Your website users will be the most impacted and some of the in-app activity audience. 

When you give Facebook the source audience facebook analyses it and finds new people that are similar to them for you. This process is advancing every day so results are improving. With these changes the information Facebook will be able to attain will change but not as much as we all originally thought. It will become slightly less effective, as Facebook won’t be able to track as much of what people do outside of Facebook. Facebook has tons of places to gather data for you apart from your website such as activity in Facebook and Instagram, groups and reactions to posts. If these changes are make or break for your business you are in trouble anyway as no one should be greatly affected. 

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  

It is times like these that remind us how important it is to not pool all of our resources into one marketing method. If such as simple change on Apples behave can seriously impact your marketing plan it is time to think about branching out into other methods, i.e. spread your eggs amongst different baskets.

One way of doing this is by looking into SEO and seeing how you can optimise your website. If you need any advice or help with this please get in touch. Our SEO expert John McGarry would be happy to share some of his knowledge with you.

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