Instagram Influencer Tips

Instagram Influencer Tips

In this blog, we will be discussing the strategies and benefits of Instagram influencers. To watch your followers grow keep reading.

Influencer Marketing Partnerships

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  1. Permanent: This is a very effective form of promotion however it is also the most expensive. You are paying an influencer to create a post solely featuring your business and/or account that will be on their account all the time. Yes, it will move further down their grid or get lost in their multiple highlights but it will be front and center for a while. You never know when someone will be scrolling through their account and come across the post.Instagram Story
  2. Timed: This is when the influencer puts up say a story featuring your account for 24hrs or a post that they delete after a day. You may wonder why they delete them after a short time but this is so their account doesn’t seem spammy when someone looks them up. This also benefits you because their shoutouts appear more genuine and therefore will have more of an impact on their followers so a cheaper price.
  3.  Affiliated: This method is a give and take one where both accounts will benefit. It can either be done on a compensation model where you get a percentage of profiles or a fixed amount per follower or as a share for share. This is when you share each other pages on your account which will benefit you both without the exchange of money.


The best tip I can give you for this method is to reach out to accounts with a similar number of followers to you. There is no point wasting your time being featured on very small accounts or accounts with huge followings as they probably won’t be interested. 


How to reach out to influencers

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Those steps do sound very straightforward and simple but there is a good bit of work that goes into them. Such as choosing the correct method to reach out to them. You can get in contact with them through a private message, email or another messing application. The best method to choose is the one they use most frequently as you are asking them for a favour so best to make the process as easy as possible for them.

Check out their bio as usually big influencers include the best way to get in contact with them there and if not stick to private messaging them on Instagram.


Finding power influencers

  1. The easiest way to start your search is to type some keywords that are related to your niche into the search bar on Instagram and check out the accounts that come up. You may need to look up a few words to find the correct accounts or even try some broader terms.
  2. Make a list of power influencers you would like to get in contact with as you find them. Even if you decide not to contact them all now you may want to in the future so this list is handy to have.
  3. If you find an influencer you think really fits with your brand and would like to find some similar accounts click on the drop-down button on their profile and it will let you scroll through accounts just like that. This will save you some time searching through different keywords.

Instagram Example Instagram Example

Content for shoutouts

When you are designing content for shoutouts remember their purpose which is to encourage people to click through to your profile and the follow button. With this in mind you can choose from the following 3 best content types for shoutouts:

  1. Clickbait 
    For this message, you want to leave the view on a cliff hanger that they need to go to your account to find out the answer. For example, “Why should you not being buying this common brand” and then post the answer to this question on your page. This will of course encourage interested viewers to visit your account.
  2. Super Interesting Content 
    Look through the insights on your current posts to see which is performing best and then send this or a similar post on to be the shoutout. There is already proof this post was popular so why not utilise this knowledge.
  3. Stories and Reels
    If you are creating video content ensure to include good music and subtitles as not all viewers will be watching the video with the sound on.
Include as many links back to your account as possible to make it easy for viewers to find your account and so may even click through by accident and like what they see.


Off platform marketing 

It is proven that no one solely promotes their business or account on one method of social media. So why knowing this would you not use all the platforms you can to grow your audience and account. Ensure to add links to each of the platforms on your posts so your audience knows what platforms you are on. They might follow you on both which is more screen time for you.

Here are a couple of pages we have worked with in the past and were very helpful:

Instagram Account Instagram Example Instagram Account

If you would like more tips on Instagram marketing check out our Instagram page or get in touch about our Instagram marketing packages.

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