Getting Started With LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is one of the most impressive tools for getting your message out to a highly targeted audience, mainly because of the groups feature. LinkedIn groups can provide a highly efficient and powerful way to build and nurture your professional network.

Choosing the right groups takes a bit of time but worth it, as you will then have the right audience to get your brand and message out to as many prospects as possible. You will waste your time if you start engaging in groups that just don’t meet the right criteria.

It starts with research into your ideal prospects profile. See how they describe themselves, what keywords you can use to search for groups relevant to them. Check out what groups they are in to see if they are appropriate.

Remember the groups you would join are not necessarily the groups your ideal prospect would join. What I mean by this is, for example, I would hang out in Marketing groups to keep on top of all marketing trends, but the clients I want to attract say for instance, if they were in the food industry would be hanging out in export markets and food producer groups as well as marketing groups.

LinkedIn allows you to belong to 50 groups. So you have plenty of room for trial and error if the groups you are a member of are not reaping any returns then unfollow them and try others.

Start with the obvious keywords catch the low hanging fruit. Choose the most active ones with a high number of discussions and large membership. But always check the members to make sure they are relevant. Then narrow your focus, So I may start with the keywords “Relationship Marketing” and then narrow it down to “B2B Relation Marketing” and so on.

Once you have joined your groups take some time to find out the culture of the group.  Then let people know who you are and that you are excited to join the conversation. Other group members will check you out so make sure your profile is in order. Check out my blog post on LinkedIn profile tips  to make sure you have the right message this will impact on your success within the groups.

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