jmgwebprofileThank you for taking out Facebook Quiz. A detailed report will be on its way soon.  Do not worry we are not going to wreck your head with emails.

We have about  5 short and to the point emails to send to you over the next few days which will give you the info you need.

If you wish to talk to me  now  you can call 020 32895423.


Special Offer

In the mean time we have a special offer for you.

We offer a 45 minute  on-line Facebook consultancy via Skype at a cost of  £50  . This consultancy is recorded for you to view again and again.  This will be of great help to your business regardless of weather you are just starting out or a you are a seasoned Facebook user.

If you decide to use Webworks to help you drive your business using Facebook we will deduct the cost of the consultancy from our fees

To take advantage of this please  email John McGarry   to arrange a date for the consultancy. We will provide you with a questionnaire to be filled out before we talk and a payment link.

Rest assured this will not be a thinly veiled sales pitch for our services but our best opinion on how you can use Facebook ads to drive your business forward.

To Your Success

John McGarry