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this busy Monaghan Eduction Centre is fully responsive, social media savvy and equipped with a booking course facility, as well as a calendar of events and a notice board.

How to check if the Facebook Pixel is installed correctly on your web site

How to check if Facebook Pixel is installed. Make sure you are using the Chrome browser Install the Facebook Pixel Extension on Chrome Once installed look for the new icon on top right of page. This icon will turn blue when a web page loads that has the Facebook pixel installed.  

Fastbraces Dental Blues, if you think you have a good story tell it.

Attention Fastbraces Dentists – You need a new Job and fast..  Let me first explain why you need a new job before revealing the perfect job for you. ( if you sell Invisalign sit back and enjoy the ride ) You are a smart dentist, you know a good thing when you see it and Fastbraces…
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Social Media Summit Dublin 2016

Social Media Summit Aviva Dublin Review So up we get at the crack of dawn to get the bus to Dublin from Clones for the Social Media Summit not really sure what to expect. I had looked at the line up and to be completely honest I only knew a couple of the names on…
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Captain Negrin Foundation

Book promotion for a  Sea Captain worried about safety onboard email capture with downloadable book Captain Negrin Foundation

Turning Customers into Repeat customers using Facebook

We are all looking for new customers and the costs associated with this are rising.  There is more competition on-line for the attention of your new potential customers.  The low hanging fruit is well and truly gone. This makes it even more important for your to make the most out of what you already have,…
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Sell More Orthodontics

Taking full advantage of our tailor-made online sales and marketing strategy. We developed and managed lead nurturing campaigns. We also developed and managed all social media campaigns to drive followers, increase website traffic, and generate leads. We also generated content including website copy, blog articles, case studies, videos, email content, social media, and more.

Browser trends

I wrote this post last 2013 thought I would update it but I think sitepoint do it better than me so for the latest browser trends 2016 check it out here. In a nutshell 2016 Chrome IE Firefox Safari Opera February 69.0 % 6.2 % 18.6 % 3.7 % 1.3 % January 68.4 % 6.2 %…
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facebook lead ads

Gather leads directly on Facebook Newsfeed – Facebook Game Changer

If generating leads and collecting email addresses is important to you then read on. Up to now I have always advocated targeting people via Facebook but when you get their attention get them off of Facebook and onto your site asap.  Once on your site look to get their email address by use of an…
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Easy Bikes

Catherine McAviney

A beautiful site with client login facility Check out her website here

Find your starving Crowd using Facebook

Find your starving crowd using Facebook Dan Kennedy (  a man that has made nearly as much money for people on-line  than we have spend bailing out banks !! ) will tell you that 80% of  the success of any sales and marketing campaign is determined by the people you are targeting. Get the target…
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Organic reach – going going gone…

Facebook Organic reach – going going gone… It’s time to pay the Facebook piper For many years while Facebook was building its business it allowed you and me to post things on our Facebook page and these posts where seen by most of our Facebook Fans. Best of all is allowed us to do this…
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Facebook traffic costing you too much ? Check Your Relevance Score

If you are paying too much for the ads you are running on Facebook it could be because Facebook has deemed your ads not relevant or at least  less relevant to the audience you are targeting compared to  other ads people are targeting at the same audience. Basically Facebook understands that you the merchant are…
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All Facebook clicks are equal but some are more equal than others !

When I talk to people about their Facebook marketing I find the following misunderstanding comes up a lot. People run ads to drive traffic to their web site. Facebook reports on the amount of clicks they got from that ad. People judge the success or failure of that ad on the amount of clicks it…
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Go Mobile or Disappear on April 21st

Alert If you get a lot of traffic from people on their mobile devices then this is very important for you. If Google decides that your site is not properly mobile enabled by April 21st 2015 then it will degrade your listing in Google search results  on mobile devices, including tablets. Google has been tweaking…
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Scheduling your blog posts

How to use Google Calendar to organise your blog posts You know I have downloaded that many E-books and spreadsheets on the topic of how to organise yourself to post on your blog. I think I would spend more time implementing them than actually doing the post themselves. That is, until I took a closer look at how to…
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More content control from Facebook

If you have put time and effort into building up your following on Facebook and post regular content then these recent changes to how you can manage your Facebook posts will be of real interest. Facebook will now let you target a subset of your fans with a post and will also allow you set…
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Callmetrics supply telecoms to SMA’s and Call Centers so they can  monitor what’s happening, what’s working, and how much it costs. By simply allocating a number to each marketing campaign (website, newspaper, online advertising), you can see on a daily basis in the Callmetrics Advanced Reporting Portal the amount of sales calls each marketing campaign…
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Larger Facebook side bar ads have arrived

As of June 24th Facebook is starting to roll out larger side bar ads. If you are use the Facebook advertising platform then you need to know the following With the new side bar ads been nearly three times bigger there will only be room for 1 – 2 ads in the side bar. The…
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Google Display Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet

Google Display Network Ad image size cheat sheet. The GDN can be a great source of traffic if you use it correctly.  Lots of our Google Pay Per Click clients initially only use Google Search but when we test the Google Display Network they can be amazed by the results. Google updates the image sizes…
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Miss Doyle – Re-marketing Queen

Mrs Doyle – Re-marketing Queen If you are spending any kind of money on-line or off-line to bring people to your site and you are not using re-marketing then you are leaving money on the table. Re-marketing is not a complicated thing,  it is  based on a  simply idea. In sales ( and many other…
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Increase sales from existing web site traffic using Facebook re-targeting

Most people when looking to increase sales look for more traffic to their site.  They jump from Facebook to Google to LinkedIn and every other potential traffic source searching for more traffic. This can be very expensive and not always profitable. One strategy that is often overlook is Conversion Optimisation. This means getting more from…
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No politicians using Paid ads on Google or Facebook

Its Thursday the 22nd and the European and County Council Elections are tomorrow and I have not seen one paid ad for a candidate on Google or Facebook. The telegraph poles of the country are covered in posters, Vote No. 1 for him and her but nothing on-line. Yes I have seen organic posting on…
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Is Google promoting PPC at the Expense of SEO

If SEO is an important part of your on-line strategy then you need to be aware of some changes that Google has made recently. One of the key inputs into any SEO strategy is to check Google Analytic reports to see what keywords used in organic searches produced sales or conversions for you. For years…
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Facebook Image Dimension Cheat Sheet

Images are very important part of how you use Facebook. It can be hard to keep up with the different options on offer and the image dimensions that go with those options. See below for a cheat sheet of the optimal image dimensions  you should use. Please like, share , Google + or even pin…
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Google is willing to pay you €75 to do it right

In my email box this morning was an email from our friend and yours Google stuffed to over flowing with €75 vouchers that can be applied to existing Pay Per Click Adwords account.  This is a surprise as Google vouchers are  normally only for new accounts. To quality you need to just turn on conversion…
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Milk your Email List for all it’s worth using Facebook

Facebook allow you to create what it calls Custom Audiences to help you better target your ads.  Here we are going to focus on using email to create a custom audience but you should check out the Custom Audience page on my web site for a list and explanation of the many other options available…
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