Attended Google Partners Event in Dublin

on-line marketing genius John McGarry
John McGarry attending Google Partners event in Google Docs Dublin


Last Monday I was invited to Dublin to attend Google’s first Partners Program get together.  I was hoping to get some insights into how are going to roll out certain products this year. I was particularly interested in

  • PLA ads for the Republic of Ireland
  • Mobile marketing insights

In relation to Product Listing Ads its a case of watch this space. I have asked three different Google reps in the last 2 months when would make this available to us and I have got three different answers.  It varied from this summer to next summer. The good news is none of them said it would not be happening. This is game changer stuff for my e-commerce clients.

For marketing 2014 is the year.  It is happening now.  Google is focused on ensure we as marketers can attribute sales to mobile marketing even when the final step of the sale happened on a pc or in the store. Tracking sales across devices is a big thing for Google now. They want to ensure that if a sales starts from a mobile search but finishes on a pc the mobile is also credited with the sale.

Otherwise Google wants us to focus on exports and said this is where we can help Irish Business grow. I have one or two clients who I am working with and getting a foothold in the UK is a key part of what we need to do. Google will play a very important role in all of that.

Anyway it was an interesting visit. Reminded me of my days work for Apple in Holland.

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