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About Us

About Webworks

We started out in 1999 as a web design company specialising in helping business enhance their processes through online databased solutions back when Clouds drifted aimlessly across the skies. We’re now a full-service digital marketing company based in Monaghan and Dublin, Ireland.

Why the change? Since we started, some extremely talented people have taken on the challenge seems we had the right idea and well the honest truth is…. they are better than us. They have the full resources large (unmentionable) companies can offer.

While we were one of the first to produce simple, easy solutions to business problems, others have taken it to a whole new level. And good luck to them we have moved on to marketing businesses. Why? well, we found that was what we were better at.

So now we bring our clients from project development, including social media strategic planning, Fundamental SEO, and content development. And boy we love it!

What we do

Webworks sell both locally, nationally and internationally. We have developed our on-line marketing services to allow our clients to take full advantage of the net and social media.

Because you need an on-line marketing services, you should at least take a few seconds to consider when looking for the right professional to help you manage your marketing account. Below are a few areas to consider when you’re making this important decision:

  1. Will your account be continually managing and optimizing, after its all set up? believe us not all accounts are.
  2. Will you have continual contact with us to ask questions either by a personal visit or by email?
  3. Will you have continual access to your AdWords account, we suggest you also maintain access to your account. we will give you an email address administrative access to your account, we give out it but many don’t.

Costs and billing
Agencies have many effective ways of charging, but make sure you understand how much of your money is going to Google for the ads served, and how much to the agency for their work. We have a standard per month charge with no hidden extras. You can request copies of Google invoices to see a breakdown of the charges. Make sure you own your account if the contract is terminated. We don’t try and lock you in because you’re locked out, we’re good like that.

Meet the Webworks Team

John McGarry

Digital Marketing Strategist

LauraLouise Reay

Social Media

Maria McGarry

Web Design

John Mc Garry
Digital Marketing Strategist

Database development and Marketing 1999 – Present (19 years and raising)

I manage all on-line marketing services for our clients. Our on-line marketing services include Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, and Email marketing.

Cropworks 2009
In 2009 with that team, I mentioned developed a crop prediction system for the mushroom
industry. This is now a stand-alone company and I provide on-line marketing services to it as well as software development services.

Apple Oracle DBA 1995 – 2000 (5 years)
Worked for Apple Computers Europe in Zeist Holland.