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Pay Per Click Advertising Ireland [OLD]

Pay Per Click Advertising Ireland

Grow you customer base & enhance your profits with Pay Per Click Advertising.

pay per click advertisingIn today’s competitive market place it is essential that your web site can be found on Google. It’s that simple , if you are not on the front page of Google you are nowhere.

There is little or no point having a wonderful web site, all the bells and whistles if it is not been found.

Using Google Adwords you can ensure you are there on the front page of Google and you can do this quickly.  Google Adwords or as it is also know Google pay per click advertising is your key to been found. Unlike Search Engine Optimisation you will not have to wait weeks or many months for this to happen.

Within a week of talking to Webworks your site will be visible when people search for your products and services.

Google pay per click advertising is always changing, new feature are constantly been added. It is essential for anybody running a Google PPC campaign to be up to speed on how best to manage a campaign. Bad campaign management decision will cost you. You may pay more for clicks than needed and you may end up buying the wrong clicks.

We have a done for you package that suits all needs.  Before we do anything we have a full can comprehensive conversation with you to get a full understanding of your business and your objectives.

Our packages offer full campaign management and include the following features

  1. Campaign set-up
  2. keywords research
  3. Google search ad creation
  4. Google display ad creation
  5. Bid Setting
  6. Re-marketing
  7. Split testing of Ads
  8. On-going optimisation of account using  Negative Keywords
  9. Goal setting and monitoring
  10. Full reporting to you

We are currently running successful campaigns  in both the UK & Ireland. Our clients are  local , national and international.

Google pay per click advertising is about bringing the right traffic to your web site. Your web site needs to convert that traffic into customers.  Unlike other companies offering Google PPC we understand that you are not looking for traffic but  customer leads and sales.

We will review your web site and make suggestions that we feel will enhance your chances of turning the web site visitors we bring you into paying customers.

We know you are busy enough running your own business to get involved in the detail of how to run successful Google Pay Per Click advertising campaign but you still need to know it is been run profitable.  After all it is your money been spent.

We will produce reports that will clearly show where money is been made and where it is been lost. We will then advise on how to build on what works and how to fix what is not working.

We are an internet marketing company with years of experience and our object is to make you money on-line.

Call Webworks today to see how you can grow your business using Google Adwords.

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