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4.6 Billion Euro , now that’s a big number

4.6 Billion Euro , now that’s a big number

Sell more on-line using Google AdwordsBeen at a good few Google events recently. They are mad keen to push their Adwords system and why not, as a Pay Per Click Consultant I know the rewards it can bring to business.

Google has supplied us with some interesting facts about our on-line spend

  • In 2013 we spent 4.6 Billion on-line and they say it will grow to 11.5 Billion by 2018
  • There is 3.7 million of us on-line at the moment & 57% bought on-line last month.
  • 38% use their smart phones on-line to buy and 44% use tablets to purchase on-line
  • Our average spend on-line is €116

Man are we connected in a big way, 78% of us have internet at home and 72% of us use a smart phone.  Apparently 55% of us spend more than 2 hours on-line just at the weekend. Judging by the behaviour of my kids and myself I would say that is an under estimation of the facts.

The figures for smart phones is interesting when combined with Google stating that 86% of searches done on Google using mobile devices have what they call local intent .

All of this means if your in business and you still do not have a clearly thought our internet strategy, one that actually gets worked on and properly resourced then you are possibly been left behind. Ans yes that strategy needs to have a large mobile element to it. By end of this year the mobile element will be the most important part of any plan you devise.

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